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Sandra Dobbs

Alexander Technique Teacher   M.AUSTAT    (Member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) 

Diploma Theatre Acting (UK)

Sandra Dobbs has a fulfilling private practice where she enjoys working with adults and children to improve their co-ordination, well-being, reduce pain and discomfort. Sandra has supported individuals with neck pain, back pain, acting students, performance related issues, vocal issues, RSI, Parkinson’s, as well as during pregnancy.

Sandra Dobbs completing her 3 year training at the Melbourne Alexander Technique Teacher Training School in 1999. After training Sandra did post-grad study in England with senior teachers. Sandra originally from New Zealand studied as a professional actress in Exeter UK, where she was introduced to the Alexander Technique as part of the training. She was immediately attracted to the Alexander Technique and saw its potential to support her development as an actress and reduce the pain she was experiencing in everyday life.

Sandra is also director of a project management business (historically employing up to 60 people) and keenly aware of the importance of happy and well-coordinated staff and the cost of lost time, due to RSI or neck/back pain, on a business.

When not teaching Sandra enjoys, movement, theatre, painting and reading.

Sandra is available at Physio Atelier most Mondays. Click here to book online.