Pip Windsor

Grad Dip Physiotherapy
MDT Cred. BradCliff Method® Practitioner
Member - Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation
Asthma Educator - Member of Asthma Foundation of WA

Pip did her Physiotherapy training in the UK. Initially her focus was on acute respiratory care and later into the field of musculoskeletal injuries. After spending time working in New Zealand she started working in the field of breathing pattern disorders which nicely combined these two areas – if you don’t breathe well you don’t move well!

Pip has completed her asthma educator training with the WA Asthma Foundation and has returned several times to Auckland to become a Bradcliff Practitioner, developing expertise in the assessment and treatment of breathing dysfunction. She is currently the only Physio in WA with this qualification.

Pip is passionate about widening education of breathing disorders as it is a common but poorly recognised and often disabling problem.

As a keen trail runner with asthma she is particularly interested in helping athletes of any age and ability with breathlessness, asthma, vocal cord dysfunction or just looking to maximise performance with breathing re training. This includes breathing whilst exercising and for optimum quality of rest, recovery and repair.

She also has a special interest in the anxious client and the promotion of optimal breathing in children, particularly those mouth breathers!

Pip uses the K5 Powerbreathe assessment software for respiratory muscle training and the Capnotrainer carbon dioxide biofeedback for assessment of hyperventilation.

For more information & to book an appointment, visit her website. Pip is available on Tuesdays & Thursdays.